ESIIL-SinBiose Workshop

Workshop on Open Synthesis Science in Biodiversity and Climate Change Research 

Date: February 27-29th 2024

Location: Brasilia Palace Hotel, Brasilia, Brazil

How can we enhance fair and equal collaboration in open synthesis science?

This workshop brings together prominent directors, research experts, and thought leaders from the United States and Brazil from Institutions of Higher Education to work together to tackle this question. They will       discuss and collaborate on essential topics shaping synthesis and open science in biodiversity and climate change research. 

We expect an esteemed gathering of approximately 30 experts, fostering an environment conducive to fruitful discussions, networking, and exploring joint science projects. This workshop is part of an agreement between NSF and CNPq, aiming to propel scientific collaboration between both nations.


ESIIL, working in collaboration with CNPq’s Brazilian Synthesis Center on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (SinBiose), developed the workshop agenda focusing on stimulating discussion on open and synthesis science and sparking collaborations between researchers from both countries and across synthesis centers. 

Day 1 - Synthesis Research Status and Challenges in the Americas
  • Overview of Environmental Synthesis Research in the Americas - current status and challenges
  • Research infrastructure and funding
  • Data availability and quality
  • Pressing problems
Day 2 - Good practices for collaboration and co-production for shifting towards open, fair, and equitable synthesis science
  • Equity within collaborative research groups: between countries, institutions, data providers, and synthesizers
  • Incorporating citizen science, indigenous and traditional knowledge and engaging their producers in overviews and syntheses.
Day 3 - Opportunities for collaboration
  • Data opportunities for joint projects and what is missing for understanding biodiversity and climate change impacts across the continent from tropical to temperate regions

Following the workshop, the event leads will summarize the potential collaborations, key areas of progress, knowledge gaps, and identified challenges and needs to advance open synthesis science in climate change and biodiversity research across scales. ESIIL and SinBiose team members and NSF and CNPq representatives will convene at the CNPq headquarters on the fourth day of the visit to present the workshop outcomes and discuss future opportunities.

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